Skydel and newer revision N310's

I’m interested in trying a real-time RF simulation with the Skydel software. I have an Ettus USRP N310 rev. D, which is only compatible with UHD Are there plans to update the UHD version used by Skydel to support newer radios?

Just a heads-up to other N310 users: if mender refuses to patch the rootfs to an older version, don’t proceed to flash the FPGA and downgrade MPM anyway… recovery is less than obvious.

Hello Steve,

For the moment, Skydel uses UHD v, because it is the only version we have tested with success on both X300 and the N310 devices. We know that UHD 3.14 stopped supporting some some sampling rates Skydel uses on the X300, so updating UHD was not possible for us. There is actually no plans to update the UHD version in Skydel, but we will surely consider it if more people are requesting it.

We do have a procedure to flash Rev D N310s such that they can be used with UHD 3.13.1. (This procedure needs to modify the EEPROM of the N310 in order to roll-back it’s revision.) However, you are right, if any error occurs during the flashing process, it is complicated to recover the bricked N310.

Flashing a X300 is much more simpler. Let us know if you could try Skydel on X300 (or X310) instead.

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Are there plans to use the version in the near future?

Not for the moment since it’s breaking the backward compatibility with some sampling rate on the X300 device that must be supported by Skydel…