Default gain value for interference output type?

I notice that when I configure a DekTec radio in my output, the gain value is automatically set to 50dB. When I edit the output to be interference, the gain value drops to 30dB. Why does Skydel set this to 30dB and do I need to change my hardware configuration to account for this?


Hello Chris,

30 dB is the nominal gain value on the interference output. It has been calculated to maximise the jamming power while keeping the noise floor of the jamming output under the thermal noise (not to jam the GNSS signal when no interference is activated).

Yes the setup must be adjusted to the RF gain configuration. With attenuators you must bring the absolute power of GNSS and interference outputs to the same value. For example, with RF Gain set to 30 dB for interference and 50 dB for GNSS, you have to put 20 dB more attenuation on the GNSS signal.